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Script Competition Winner

(Five Minute Script Reading)

“The Legend” Written By Tessa Bell

A tenacious young girl born  in the 11th century dares to live to live as a boy so successfully that she becomes the most powerful man on earth: the Pope.

“The Quest For Excalibur” Dir By Sarah Jaques

A modern day interpretation of Arthurian legend, The Quest for Excalibur follows a young King Arthur in his quest to retrieve Excalibur (the raddest skateboard of them all)  from the Lady of the Lake's restaurant hideout

“Jailbird” Dir By Inanna Sarkis

A short about a girl named Molly, whose world revolves around her little blue bird, metaphoric for Twitter. 

“Promise” Dir By Zaina Erhaim

Promise is a film of the Syria Rebellious Womn, it features the only camera- operator and female media activist in rebel controlled areas. Waed Al Kateab who left her family in  the regime’s controlled areas to move to the rebel held parts of Aleppo, working as paramedic on the masculine frontlines, beside being a media activist. After leaving Aleppo Waed has won many awards including Emmy for news for her coverage of the war.

“The Hazards Of Iris” Dir By Bridgette Cannell

A young woman seeks revenge on her coworker after he sexually harasses her.

“Women At The Wheel” Dir By John Hostetler

Some stories refuse to be ignored,  despite concentrated effort to erase contributions women have made in techno-industrial fields.  Artist Pat Benincasa  tells the story of thirteen women  who defied spirit-crushing social norms to invent, race and design their way in to automotive history.

“Beyond Brotherhood” Dir By Arianne Benedetti

Mia and Joshua are two young siblings who end up living on the streets after the death of their parents and a terrible separation imposed by the government that left them with nothing but their love for each other.  It’s a story about their survival in a world of bad luck, with amazing second chances and unexpected second falls, leading to a surprising turn at the end.  



“The Red Balloon”

Dir By Yuting Guo

A story about a girl who has a red balloon lives in a world where everyone else has a yellow balloon.

“Sweet Surrender”

Dir. By Bonnie Foster

A surreal, gender-bending feast for the senses.  A boy journeys into the desert to discover who he really is...while a carnivalesque ghost from the future tells all.

“La Buena Muerte (A Good Death)”

Dir Jean Balest

At the Dia de los Muertos Festival at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, one Ofrenda (altar), asked all of us to contemplate the question: What is a bad death, a good death and a great death?

“The Birds And The Beasts” Dir By Rikki Albert

Completely oblivious to basic survival instincts, a clueless bird wanders deep into peril, determined to have some lunch.

“Rainmaker” Dir By Kristen Hester

A young mother struggles with the demon of her eating disorder and the implication that it holds for her six-year-old daughter.

“In Our Bones” Dir By Alexandria Kimura

A young woman with a terminal bone marrow disease decides to try to find a donor match by going on a road trip around America with her sister and best friend. Her crusade to find a hero for herself and for other patients needing transplants forces her to confront her mortality. While on the road, she is pushed out of the passenger seat of her own life as she struggles to embrace her hidden homosexuality as a member of a church-going Southern family with their own secret shame.



“Unhappy Holiday” Dir By Anna Haas

Though we generally associate the holidays with merry and bright feelings, let’s face it, a Christmas of blue is certainly familiar to us all, and singer/songwriter Katie Garibaldi does a masterful job conveying a tears-in-your-beer holiday scenario

“Juliet” Dir By Angie Su

Adapted from one of Shakespeare’s greatest plays “Romeo and Juliet”, “Juliet” explores an alternate ending to the tragedy. It conveys the realities of their love through dance and visual metaphors.

“Morning Star”

Dir By Arabella Anderson

Cleo and Sadie have made a friendship pact to defy this boring world and existence. But can you really be best friends... forever? This short film is a meditation on satanic feminists, choice, and female expectations in a patriarchal society.

“Nini” Dir By Yingzong Xin

Cici's good friend Nini was taken away. At midnight ,Nine returned to her friend and tried to tell here something.

“Funeral” Dir By Leah Shore

A dramedy where the surreal meets the real by a water cooler.

“Hearing Silent Survivors”

Dir By Solveig Houzvic Franco

A film about a young social worker whose work revolves around family violence, her perspectives on the issue and how the work personally affects her.


Dir By Caroline Callender & Silver Liftin

T(HE)Y was created with the idea of identity in mind. What we’ve each been through and how we are treated by others and society shapes us in very distinct ways.

“Nameless” Dir By Tamar Guttman

Aluma, an anorexic teen, finds herself on a journey into the tall Azrieli towers, though no one but herself knows how it's going to end.

“Family Of Too Many” Dir By Maaman Rezaee

Bahar, an 8-year-old Iranian girl, believes she has caused the death of her grandmother. As she deals with her feelings of guilt, her parents decide to steal grandmother’s body. As Baha’is living in Shi’a Iran, the family risks everything when they spirit the body away in the middle of the night so that they may perform their prohibited religious rituals.

“Kim Abeles On Terra Firma” Dir By Jennie Park

California-based artist-activist Kim Abeles finds her grounding through a 2017 Orange Coast College art show featuring four decades of her work.


Wednesday Oct 3rd

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