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Women’s Independent Film Festival

Festival Screenings Dec 14th & 15th!shapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3

Day 1 (Saturday Dec. 14th)

BLOCK 1 - 12:00pm-2:00pm


The animation film is visually abstract and explores early animation techniques via digital drawing and painting to give a handmade aesthetic to computer animation.

“Art Free World”

A short parody of drug PSAs, depicting the dangers and consequences of being an 'art abuser'.

“Hello from Rome”

In the beautiful city of Rome, a handsome middle aged man struggles with his identity at work and at home. Stuck in the routine of his everyday life, he is confronted with the difficulties of coming out to his peers and family with the love of his life.

“Crimson's Kiss”

An action thriller film about a town called DunMovin who decides to rise up and stop a murderous criminal by the name of Crimson.


When Sita rents her womb out to a Canadian woman, her commercial surrogate status opens a legal and ethical can of worms for all. With everything at stake, Sita makes a choice that is both disruptive and dignified.


On Chinese New Year, a little girl learns reality is not what it seems as she discovers how betrayal can be done out of love.

“Free 2 Be Me”

Jeannette Godoy's heartfelt documentary following the Free 2 Be Me Dance Company for one season.  Extremely hard-working, dedicated performers, each happens to have Downs Syndrome. The film is a celebration of the joy of artistic self expression, and its effect on the whole family

BLOCK 2 - 2:00pm-4:00pm

“Door No. 5”

While his father is dying, a young boy wanders the hallways of his apartment building seeking comfort and distraction from the reality at home.


A mysterious portrait of the beauty in decaying of natural wild life.


'Versus,' an experimental youth-produced film, depicts the contrast between a drab and illuminated day, promoting the viewer to open their eyes, and change their ways.


An over-committed couple with three children. The husband and wife find it almost impossible to connect with their impossibly busy schedules.

“The Toothfairy”

8 year old Luke believes in the Toothfairy....do you?

“The Man on 4th Street”

A woman follows her instincts that her father is still alive despite a terrible explosion that was said to have killed him.

“Another Happy Anniversary”

A daring married couple decide have a menage-a-trois for their 10th anniversary. However, they discover that sexual adventurousness isn't always smooth sailing.

“Radical Adjustments, The Life and Times of Marilyn Reed Lucia”

When few women were doctors, - before disability rights, before the Woman's Movement - she defied convention as a doctor, psychiatrist and mother.

BLOCK 3 - 4:00pm-6:00pm


This animation builds upon previous animations to explore digital design for animation using abstraction to develop a series of short animations set to music.

“A Woman's Place is in the Lab”

Loving mother, leading physicist, and powerful role model- Dr. Gail Brown is an inspiring example of what it means to be a strong, independent woman in a world dominated by men. Her journey shows us that a woman with a dream can achieve anything she sets her heart and mind to.

“Chee-Wi Learns to Growl”

In this touching comedy, little dog Chee-Wi must learn how to stand up for himself when big mean dog Edgar bullies him on the first day of doggie preschool.


Ten year-old Jesse has watched her mom's modern dance company all her life. To Jesse,beautiful Anna, the company's lead dancer, is just perfect. When Anna suffers a stroke that leaves her left side paralyzed, Jesse witnesses Anna's courageous struggle to overcome physical adversity and depression to triumphantly dance again.

“The Fabulous Ice Age”

The journey begins in 1915 when a young German skater ignites America's love with dancing on ice.  'The Fabulous Ice Age' chronicles a century of theatrical skating, Never before seen footage, photos and memorabilia introduces us to a handful of skaters, producers and entrepreneurs who helped change their world.

BLOCK 4 - 6:00pm-8:00pm

“Little vulvah & her clitoral awareness”

A girl wakes up as from a dream, aroused by the birds of pleasure that dresses her up in her 'curious' dress. She sets out to explore nature,and feels the seasons' shivering changes. She gets absorbed in strange rooms of delight while developing into a young woman.

“The Black Dahlia Ballet”

An aspiring young dancer is cast to portray the infamous murder of Elizabeth Short in a dance production called The Black Dahlia Ballet. But as she dives deeper into the role, the lines between reality and fantasy become increasingly blurred until she begins to question her own identity and sanity.

“The Hardest Part”

Sometimes you just need to breathe.

“Apt. 2B”

A suspenseful short (with a little humor) about welcoming new neighbors into an apartment building. Written/directed/produced by a woman. Made for the New York 48 hour film project in Jun 2013 and inspired by a true story.

“Animal Rights”

An ANIMAL RIGHTS activist returns from a riot at the local supermarket to find her Russian Grandma with a jar full of homemade chicken soup at her door.


In an artistic depiction of the beauty found in the grittiness and struggles of life, the day of a prostitute and a ballet dancer are juxtaposed against the poignant sound of 'Amazing Grace', illustrating the way in which we ultimately persevere with grace.


Wanderlust is a short fashion film about two young women who decide to leave the mundane behind and set off on an adventurous road trip.

“God I Hope I Get It”

The relationship between a gay guy and his loyal hag is fraught with love, co-dependence, and 'BITCH WHAT DID YOU SAY Oh okay I love you.' When Parvesh's hag Isabella decides to get married, the two of them must audition a series of paltry substitutes to replace her. Will these new girls survive the inquisition? The abuse? The dancing?


In a unique blending of perspectives layered around the camera, Inversion creates an open space to expand female consciousness, as an embodiment of the film itself.

“I Hate You Justin Bieber”

The first person to break 9 year old Lilly's heart is her dad. 'I Hate You Justin Bieber' is a delicate comedy drama about Lilly's attempts to reconnect with her dad since he has left the family home.

Day 2 (Sunday Dec. 15th)

BLOCK 1 - 12:00pm-2:00pm

“The Fold”

Leaving the city for the wilds of Cornwall, Anglican priest Rebecca Ashton forms a volatile friendship with migrant worker Radka Dimitrova. Memories of her deceased daughter bring her ever closer to the girl, warping their relationship until they become a danger to each other.

BLOCK 2 - 2:00pm-4:00pm


After a mother drinks with her teenage daughter and friends, she is forced to face the consequences of her alcoholism when an almost fatal car wreck paralyzes a 15 year old girl.

“Under Glass”

Shy and repressed Arienette stumbles into a mysterious yet alluring store that unravels a metaphysical journey towards discovering her own alliance with the world.

“Welcome Home, Lee”

A dramatic glimpse into a mother/daughter relationship.  Rebecca, newly divorced and floundering, has ensconced herself in the NYC apartment of her daughter Lee while Lee studies abroad.  In the middle of a long and lonely night in which Rebecca indulges in her drugs of choice, Lee returns unannounced...

“Fickle or Fair”

Eva's life is thrown into confusion when she discovers her parentsplan to remarry in a surprise ceremony at her mom's birthday party.

“The Promise”

An old man struggles to take care of his wife who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

“Mother Corn”

A Triqui Indian teen wrestles spiritual visions that awaken appreciation for her grandmother and culture.

“Thirteen Blue”

An intimate character study of a young teenage girl who tries to make sense of her surroundings by diving in her own world.

BLOCK 3 - 4:00pm-6:15pm

“Lucy & Janie”

Lucy, an existential 7-year old girl, navigates the rocky terrain of love, divorce, god, and death with her best friend Janie, a stick.

“It's Your Habit To Leave Me”

A woman leaves her artificial surroundings and discovers that a real world exists.

“The Boarder”

The Boarder follows eleven-year-old Carl, who is adopted into a loving family by Zeb and his wife Annika. Zeb bonds easily with Carl but the burden of raising this new addition to the family pushes Annika's sanity to the limit. Carl's transition into the new family goes smoothly until Annika accuses him of criminally-disturbed behavior. Zeb is surprised by his wife's resistance to their new son and isn't sure if it's Annika's or Carl's dark side that is being revealed.

BLOCK 4 - 6:15pm-8:15pm

“C P R”

While watching lifeguards perform rescue drills at a neighborhood pool, a woman faces her own need to be saved.


Picnic is an on the road family drama. A story of love, devotion and compassion that narrates the journey of an adult woman and an eight year old girl towards a mysterious destination. Like all road movies it's not about where you are going, but how you get there. The plot rotates around the meaning of existence and the way single existences are relentlessly tied to one another.


An old jeep cuts a winding path through the calm claustrophobia of dense jungle. The travelers are a young American couple, content in life and love, but completely unprepared for the catastrophe that lies around the bend.

“Painted Lady”

A nine-year-old girl experiences the first changes of womanhood.


A surreal, musical journey about a mother and daughter who end up in two different dimensions as the result of an ice skating accident. STRINGS deals with concepts of gravity and superstring theory, as well as the strings of the heart, while exploring  the connectedness that exists between all humans and the universe in which we live.


Looking for the perfect match for you? We can give you exactly who you want.

“Sticks and Stones”

This is a true story about a fourteen year-old girl named Emma. Just like any other girl, Emma has a crush; only this crush is on a girl named Alice. Although Emma is a great kid, no matter how hard she tries, she is socially rejected and bullied by her peers. Never the less, her attempts to fit in are relentless.

BLOCK 5 - 8:15pm-10:00pm

“7 Hours”

A story about 2 people live in two different cities and what happens in 48 hours to their distant relationship. how 7 hours difference from Beirut to new york can change an entire destiny. how miles can change feels and emotions. it was shot for 48 hour film project in Beirut 2013

“Watching, Waiting”

It's an idealistic girl's first day of volunteering at a Women's Health Clinic in the middle of nowhere, deep in a 'red' state.  There's a gate around the clinic, the doors are kept locked and the blinds stay closed.  A small, dedicated staff does its work despite the sense of threat and danger.  Meanwhile, somewhere outside, a mysterious man is watching ... and waiting.


It aint easy, but its simple. Wise words from someone so young. But can a new life simply be a bus ride away?

“Soaring on Invisible Wings”

Her entire life Jamari Perry has watched her mother struggle with Lupus. Now, an adult, she wonders how to best help her aging mother, all the while knowing that she has a 10% chance of getting this chronic illness.

          Festival screenings take place at

         The Promenade Playhouse Theater

                      Dec. 14th & 15th.

              1404 3rd Street Promenade

                Santa Monica, CA 90401

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